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Mixed with 25% copper, this self-polishing ablative gives full protection in moderate fouling conditions at the very best price on the market today.



Our 25% copper marine bottom paint covers approximately 300 square feet per gallon; 2 coats of this bottom paint is needed for proper application - 3rd coat recommended on the waterline.

To figure out the amount of paint required: Length x Beam x .85 x 2 (2 coats)= Total / 300 feet = Gallons Required

Full Season Protection

The average boater who goes out for 50-100 hours a year will get 1 full season of anti-fouling protection.

25% Copper Boat and Marine Bottom Paint provides antifouling protection against barnacles, algae and hydroids in salt and fresh water on boat bottoms only. Its ablative co-polymer base renders a smooth finish with durability and abrasion resistance. 25% Copper Boat/Marine Bottom Paint releases biocide by the constant exposure of new paint film to the water. Our 25% Copper Marine Bottom Paint has universal application over all types of properly prepared marine bottom paints (except aluminum). Our bottom paint can be used on fast fiberglass boats, as well as wood and steel hulls.

• Self Polishing Ablative

• Full Season Protection

• No Paint Build up

• Eliminates Heavy Sanding

• Good Protection for Moderate Fouling Conditions

Surface Preparation

Surface must always be clean, dry and properly prepared prior to painting. Failure to do so will lead to eventually blistering and/or peeling. All sanded surfaces must be wiped clean with a dewaxer to remove sanding residue.

General Application

For use on boats below the true waterline. Can be brushed or rolled on fiberglass, wood, steel and previously painted surfaces per application systems below. Do not use on aluminum. Apply at least 2 coats for best performance, as the life of the paint is proportional to the number of coats applied.

Mixing and Thinning

Shake or mix thoroughly and stir continuously while using. Thin when necessary with a reducer.

Theoretical Coverage

Depending on surface conditions, one gallon of bottom paint will usually cover about 300 square feet of surface when brushed or rolled.

Clean Up

Use a reducer for cleaning equipment and paint brushes.

Estimated Dry Times

Bottom paints are designed for over-coating after an overnight dry. Prior to launching, allow a minimum dry of overnight. If drying conditions are poor, or if paint was applied too thickly, longer periods of drying will be required. Fresh coats of paint must be thoroughly dry before over-coating.

Yearly Repainting

Scrub bottom clean at haul-out. Repaint only if old paint is sound and tight; if not, remove it by sanding or with paint remover. If old paint is rough, sand it with 100-150 grit sandpaper. Prepare seams, nicks and chips as below. Spotcoat any scuffs with antifoulant. Apply 2 coats of antifoulant.

On Bare Wood

If seams are not flush, fill them with seam compound. Dry several days until skin forms. Do not sand. Fill nicks with trowel cement, dry hard, sand, apply antifoulant (reduced 10%) then follow with 2 additional unreduced coats of antifoulant.

On Bare Fiberglass

Dewax by washing with a dewaxer, remove dissolved wax at once with clean paper towels or rags; repeat; sand hard to a dull finish with 80-100 grit sandpaper. Fill any chips with trowel cement, dry hard, sand. Apply 5 coats of our Bottom Protect High Build Epoxy Primer, then apply 2 coats of antifoulant.

On Bare Steel

Sandblast surface to a near white metal; remove blast residue with a broom and airhose. Wipe off with a dewaxer. Do not sand. Fill in any imperfections with fairing compound. Sand smooth and wipe clean. Apply 5 coats of our Bottom Protect High Build Epoxy Primer, then apply 2 coats of antifoulant.


1 Gallon can


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"...I have used many other bottom paints over the years but I prefer your 25% Copper Boat/Marine Bottom Paint to all the others I have used."

-Tom Parrish

"I am a contractor and have used many of your paints and epoxy's. You have helped me many times choosing the right product for the right job. I like being able to talk to a live rep to get the answers I need when I need them."

-Jim Hardin